Four Mondays

A radio play in 4 acts.

By Sunny Bleckinger


Official Selection


Panel 1

Act One: Monday


Bystanders see more car crashes. Shannon brings in a space heater. No one listens to Marty. Edna exhales. Samuel cleans and waits. And Anjelica never shows up.
Panel 2

Act Two: Monday Monday

Kasper’s on the case. Edna does her crossword. Shannon shares his space heater. Samuel finds the swim caps. Marty pees in the pool. And Anjelica never shows up.
Panel 3

Act Three: Monday Monday Monday

Still no Anjelica. Samuel makes some calls. Shannon marvels at an old magazine. Edna and Marty listen to each other. Kasper solves the case.
Panel 4

Act Four: Monday Monday Monday Monday

Samuel is actually happy. Bystanders are singing. Shannon is depressed. Edna transforms. Marty takes charge. Kasper fumbles.
Panel 5

Cast & Crew

Written, edited, directed by Sunny Bleckinger

Starring: Lorraine Bahr, Sunny Bleckinger, Keia Booker, Kurt Conroyd, Monica Dailey, and Adam Randall

Supporting Cast: Marcus Atkins, Marv Clark, Micah Makela, Douglas Yarrow

Credits: Will Mustoe

Music by: Andy Rayborn’s Paper Gates

Casting: Dainichia Noreault

Story Consultant: Jacob Aiello

Editorial support: Allisa Hattman, Shanna Seezs, Hannah Pass, Tom Debeauchamp, and Melanie Nead

Sound effects: Sunny Bleckinger & Pro Sound Effects

Voices recorded at KBOO Studios

Illustrations: Yvonne Vleer

Special thanks to Portland Parks & Recreation for letting us record sounds in the Buckman Pool before it was closed and drained.

Funding and support: Regional Arts & Culture Council, KBOO Community Radio, Podiant, and Shout House.




KBOOShout House


“Unique voices that teeter on the edge of creepy but somehow end up charming.”

Sarah Hutchins, Discover Pods

“Perfectly quirky, like Twin Peaks at a swimming pool but more heart. If you love experimental New York theater like Richard Maxwell, or if you wanted HBO’s John From Cincinnati to be good, then you need to listen to this.” 

Nick Messitte, Cultural Contributor, FORBES Magazine

“Bizarre and beautiful and not like anything I’ve listened to before.”

Yuvi Zalkow, author

“It captures people’s intimate concerns, the little thoughts that run through our heads and make us who we are. The small things we make big. It was touching and sweet and realistic while being absurdly funny.”

Kally Kahn, visual artist