Cast and Crew

Lorraine Bahr is a four-time awarded Actress, Director, Writer and Teacher.  Recent local stage performances include: The Crackwalker, Sowelu; Playhouse Creatures, CoHo; The New Electric Ballroom, Third Rail Repertory; In the Boom Boom Room and Vincent River, Sowelu Theatre; Bath Night, Sean McGrath prod.; Mary Stuart, NW Classical Theatre; Good People, Clackamas Rep; After the Revolution, Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, bobrauchenbergamerica and Angels In America: Millennium Approaches, Portland Playhouse.  Film & T.V. work includes: BAD SAMARITAN; DIZZY PURSUIT; WILD; ANSE & BHULE; The Librarians; and Grimm. Lorraine is co-founder of Sowelu Ensemble Theater /Sowelu Films; she teaches Acting at Portland State University and Acting/ Movement at Young Musicians & Artists.

Lorraine plays Edna.

Keia Booker is an actress, playwright, and curator from Oklahoma. Keia has acted in numerous productions from the music video for “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”, to Eugene Ionesco’s “The Bald Soprano”, and Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler”. She has directed productions of “Suburbia” and co-directed “Tone Clusters” at Disjecta in Portland with Ladawn Sheffield. Most recently she curated “Intersections: the lines that brought us here” at The New American Art Union. Keia is currently working on her next project, a play based in the horror of not knowing and the pain of thinking that you do.

Keia plays Marty.

Kurt Conroyd is known for his lead role in THE BENEFITS OF GUSBANDRY, which has received rave reviews from the New York Times, Indiewire, AV Club, and every newspaper made in Portland. He has also starred in the Official Sundance Selection BIRDS OF NEPTUNE and 198.

Kurt plays Shannon.

Sunny Bleckinger is a two-time XRAY FM Radio-Is-Yours Contest Winner, and he produces THE STAPLE, an arts and culture podcast for the IPRC. He began fusing audio stories with abstract visuals at the Royal Conservatory of Art in The Netherlands, combining monologues with color projections. More recently, as the 2015 KBOO Artist In Residence, he produced a one-act radio play and “screened” it at the Clinton Street Theater with a series of color bleeds edited to enhance the audio. FOUR MONDAYS is a culmination of years of work and experimentation.

Sunny plays Samuel.

Adam Randall lives and works in Portland, Oregon, where he has appeared in several plays with local theater company Monkey With a Hat On as part of the Ten Minute Play Festival at the Clinton Street Theater. One such play went on to perform at Curious Comedy Theater. Adam endeavors to bring enthusiasm, versatility, and a strong work ethic to every project he participates in.

Adam plays Kasper, Anjelica’s Texan Brother, Bystanders, & Angry Waiter

Andy Rayborn wrote, performed and recorded all of the music in “Four Mondays.” Primarily a bass clarinetist, he also plays all manner of saxophone, flute and keyboards in his one-man-outfit Paper Gates.

Sunny met him one afternoon while fixing a broken typewriter at the IPRC. Andy sat down next to him, set his encased bass clarinet on the floor and the rest is history. The two live a block from each other and do not visit nearly enough. His music is here, and his live shows are ridiculously good.

Andy plays The Music.

Monica Dailey acts and writes in 10-minute plays for Monkey with a Hat On, as well short films and web series. Her all-time favorite roles include Little Sally, Helen Keller, an Oompa Loompa, and singing / dancing in Karate Kid the Musical.

Monica plays Bystanders, Mariana, & Operator.

Marcus Atkins spends all of his free time teaching the art of Kung Fu to people smaller than him. He was interviewed for the IPRC’s podcast the Staple. This is his first acting role.

Marcus plays EMT Rogers.

Marv Clark lives on the same street as Sunny. They met at a block party and Sunny knew right away that Marv had the voice for Saul. This is Marv’s first acting role.

Marv plays Saul.

Mica Makela cleans at the same business where Sunny also does glorified janitorial work. This is her first acting role.

Mica plays Earnestine.

Douglas Yarrow acted in community theater in Fayette County, West Virginia, including Our Town, Translations, Faith Healer, Foxfire, and others that he doesn’t recall. “It was a long time ago,” he says. He spends most of his time now photographing and supporting immigration activists.

Douglas plays Summers.

Will Mustoe was raised in London, lost his eyesight, moved to Portland, and was quite possibly the most reliable volunteer at KBOO Community Radio. His voice was tremendously important to this production. Sadly, Will passed away unexpectedly in March, 2018. The KBOO premiere of Four Mondays was dedicated to Will, and his warmth and heart will resonate with us and the entire KBOO community for quite some time.

Will read the Introductions and End Credits.

Pim the Cat exercises his voice almost constantly during the three hours he is awake each day. This is Pim’s first acting role.

Pim plays Perkins the Cat.

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